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Peter Milewski

Peter Milewski

Author of the Book, Feel Good, and Do Well by Doing Good

Peter Milewski is the son of first-generation Polish Americans. He grew up in a blue-collar family in Brockton, Massachusetts, an old New England city famous for the shoe factories that dotted the community. His parents’ selfless love and support of their children allowed Peter to attend parochial elementary, Catholic high school, and Catholic university. His parents’ deep faith and his education were a source for the core beliefs that helped guide his professional life and that were the foundation for the ideas contained in his book.

Peter has a long and distinguished career in banking, mortgage lending, and public finance. He served as the president of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association and from whom, over his career, he received several industry awards including their Lifetime Achievement Award.

His penultimate professional experience was as the Director of Homeownership Lending for the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MassHousing). His leadership resulted in this state agency becoming one of the most productive and successful affordable home financing government organizations in the country.

He retired from MassHousing in 2017 but has remained active in his semiretirement as a consultant and occasional motivational speaker. He hopes this book will give him additional opportunities to encourage business professionals to consider corporate social responsibility as a tenet that fosters business success as well as personal fulfillment.

His personal life was marked by two tragedies, the death of both his first wife and daughter from cancer. His daughter was thirty-five years old when she died leaving a husband and two daughters. She was a beacon of love, kindness, and generosity, and an inspiration for him, personally and professionally. He attributes his ability to cope with loss by focusing his time and efforts on making his professional life meaningful.

Today, Peter and his wife, Leslie, share semiretirement in their home in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Leslie is an active volunteer in a local nonprofit thrift store. Peter continues to advocate for corporate social responsibility through consulting and public speaking opportunities.